June 25, 1989

On the suggestion of Dorothy Hutchins and Marlene Watwood to conduct worship services for our children who had recently been displaced by the actions of our former denomination, twelve adults and six children meet at the home of Karen and Dale Willingham.  We were heart-broken, confused, and searching for answers.  What transpired was a simple service of song, ministry of the Word for the adults, and children's church for our youth.  On this day a decision was reached to continue to meet here until God heard our prayers and answered our questions.

July 2, 1989

A second meeting is held.  The attendance doubles!


July 6, 1989

At this meeting, the men decide to set a new congregation in order.  The name "The Church at Summerville" is adopted.  A decision is reached to seek out property for the construction of a worship facility.  These first few weeks saw a group of people rise from discouragement to hope, from hope to a determination to persevere; to bring others into the family of God.


July 9, 1989

Fifty-five persons in attendance in the morning service.  Sixty persons in the evening service.  A decision is made to seek out another meeting place.  There is not enough room for everyone to meet here.


July 11, 1989

After a frantic and fruitless search for any type of building in which to hold services, the local congregation of Seventh Day Adventists graciously consent to allow us to hold services in their building until we can construct our own.  The Adventists charged us nothing.  As the Lord would have it, this is the old Church of God building where several of our senior adults began their walk with the Lord.  The significance of this coincidence was inescapable.  God had brought us back to the roots of our Pentecostal faith!

July 16, 1989

The first service was held in the SDA building.  Eighty-five were in attendance; we were blessed with a wonderful out pouring of the Holy Ghost.  It was so good to worship in a church building again.


August 7, 1989

The first church conference.  The Church Constitution and By-laws were ratified.  The Conference voted to change our name to the Summerville Pentecostal Worship Center.  The Lord had directed us to a piece of property located at 116 Lake Wanda Rieta Road consisting of eight and three quarters acres of pasture land.  The Conference voted to pay $12,000.00 down for its purchase.


August 13, 1989

On this date the congregation received sixty-eight adults and twenty-three children as charter members of the Church Conference.  This morning attendance was one hundred ten.


September 6, 1989

The balance of $6,000.00 was paid to Mr. Frank Yates for our land!


October 8, 1989

The first dedication service is held on our land.  There were seventy-five persons in attendance on a cool and very windy day.  A rock altar is constructed to be a perpetual reminder of God's grace and provision for us.  After the rocks from the families and friends of the church are placed, we recognize and thank our brothers and sisters from other congregations who had supported us with prayers and financial gifts of love.  The men of the congregation then anointed the rocks with oil.  As Bro. Jimmy Hutchins pours our the oil, the presence of the Lord could be felt by all.  In just a few short weeks Bro. Jimmy would go home to be with the Lord before the building could be finished.

October 29, 1989

Ground breaking service is held for the new building.


December 31, 1989

In bitter cold, with the light of candles and flashlights the first watch night service is held on the newly poured concrete foundation of the building.  Bro. Andy read from Ezra 3:10-13.  Bro. Dale Willingham led as we sang, "There's a sweet sweet Spirit in this place."  Seventeen in attendance.

April 29, 1990

The first service in the new building.  One hundred fifty-four in Sunday school.  One hundred eighty-nine in the Sunday morning worship service.  Satan had tried to destroy us, but by the grace of God we can overcome any attack upon the Church!

During the succeeding years we have been blessed to come into fellowship with many saints of like precious faith.  

W.D. Johnson, Joseph Chambers, Gene Smith, Darrell Turner, Joey Franklin, Alton Stokes, Tim Cauley, Kenny Morris, Wendy Douglas, Brett Cooper, Dan Black, Scott Morris, C.D. Cauley, Mark Cauley, Brian McDonald, Brian Sessions, Marshal Adcock, Charles Izell, Randy Sheridan, Lamar Chapman, Doug Chapman, Eddie Sullivan, Eddie and Irma Williams, Billy Anderson, Greg Adkins, Byron Henderson, Harold Hanks, and many others whom God has sent to edify and encourage us.


One of the most important elements of Christian life and duty is foreign missions.  We are convinced that the preaching of the gospel to those who have never heard is the very heart of God.  In the first year of the formation of the formation of this congregation the Lord caused us to cross paths with one of His greatest servants, Moses Choudary. Bro. Moses has become one of our closest fellow laborers and dearest friends.  His work in the nation of India has resulted in the salvation of thousands of souls.  Eternity alone will tell the impact of his efforts.  The Church Conference has established Bro. Moses' ministry as our official missions support organization.


Church Pastors to date

Dale Willingham and Andy Hutchins 1989-1990

Dale Willingham and Andy Hutchins

Bill Holden 1991-1992

Bill Holden

Dollas Messer January - September 1993

Dollas Messer
January - September 1993

Andy Hutchins 1993 - Present

Andy Hutchins
1993 - Present