What Is Your Choice

When Christ our Savior went away
He said that He'd return someday
To take His church His precious bride
With Him to heaven to ever abide

Tell me friend, are you a part
Of this dear bride so near God's heart
Or are you one who doesn't know
Christ can make you white as snow

He can take a heart that's stained with sin
And make it pure and clean within
A life that's wasted in sin and shame
He can redeem by His dear name

It's up to you my sinner friend
Just where your soul will eternity spend
Heaven or hell, what is your choice
Listen now to His sweet voice

Come to Me I'll give you rest
For in Me you shall be blessed
I'll cleanse your soul and set you free
With me you'll live eternally!

March 13, 1998
Jessie Lee Harris