A Little Band Of People

Just a little band of people
Gathered together in the name of God
Come together to learn of Jesus
And the path that He did trod

We are gathered to learn of His great love
Shown at Calvary
It's ages now since His blood was shed
To set the captive free

Today His blood still has the power
To break the bonds of sin
To open up the hardest heart
To let His light shine in

We are gathered together to learn how we
Can be more like our Savior
To show His love to a dying world
We must have Christ-like behavior

No back-biting, no lifted pride
No envy of a brother
Just pure and simple faith in God
And love for one another

We are gathered together in humbleness
To seek His Holy face
To ask for strength to face each task
Thru His amazing grace

Just a little band of people
But people who love the Lord
Just a little band of people
Who are trusting in His Word

Aug 12, 1992
Jessie Lee Harris